Now More Than Ever.

In an article by, they state that stress has very adverse effects on ones body.  Continual stress can cause major issues such as high blood pressure, increases the risk of a heart attack or stoke and creates problems with sleeping and digestive issues as well as weight gain/loss, depression and so much more.

Want a way to decrease stress?  Add supplemental benefits from Aflac and Peace of mind is what you’ll get and so much more.

What are supplemental benefits?  Supplemental Insurance or supplemental benefits, are voluntary benefits meant to fill in the gaps of major medical insurance.  They provide peace of mind by providing cash benefits paid to the policy owner and can be used for whatever the policy owner wants to use them for.  That can be applying it towards a rent or mortgage, car payments, groceries, paying the deductibles and co-pays for medical coverage and much more….  You get to decide.  Major Medical Insurance pays the service provider, supplemental pays you, the policy owner.  Supplemental coverage provides peace of mind to Customers because it allows you to concentrate on healing and not on whether you can make the mortgage.

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